Thursday, June 19, 2014

Help Wanted!!

Lake Victoria Learning Center in Musoma, Tanzania is in urgent need of an elementary teacher to join their team. If you are a certified teacher with at least one year of experience, then this is a great opportunity to work in a unique multi-level, non-traditional setting which enables many missionary families to continue their work in Tanzania.  If God is calling you to this ministry, we’d love to explore the options with you. We would like to have you in country by July 2015 with a commitment of at least 18 months. Please contact Toby Mak in the Uganda-Tanzania Branch’s Human Resources Department at

That's an official announcement, released by our team here in Musoma. We do need a teacher... partially so I can take a furlough in January 2016 without leaving LVLC high and dry. And notice that new logo, designed by my art students!!

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